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I have great MANNERS May 18, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.

Passion Pit’s new album “Manners” is – great. Loved Sleepyhead when it first appeared, AND The Reeling so I was expecting big things from the album (which leaked before its official release) and they delivered thanks be to lol. I always feel a bit guilty about downloading albums illegally from artists I actually really do LOVE but it had to be done.

Favourite track has to be “Eyes as Candles”, a lot more mellow and simple than Sleepyhead and The Reeling but still great.

I can almost forgive them for cancelling their gig in The Academy. Which they’ve rescheduled to November so things are looking good right now…


1. The Bubble Boy - May 19, 2009

My friend Lyndsay met them at a photo-shoot today and said they were very try-hard hipsters trying to disguise how nervous they were.


2. Gillé - May 19, 2009

hahaaha thanks be to lol!

3. Patrick - May 19, 2009

Oh no. Very disappointing. At least now we KNOW though

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