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JoJo gets the Grizzly treatment May 27, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.


Grizzly Bear have got their hands (in 2007, incidentally) on JoJo’s R&B hit “Too Little Too Late” and the end-result is unrecognisable from the original. So different in fact that it could barely even be called a cover. I (shamefully) actually liked the original but this is eggsquisite. And makes it okay to like a JoJo song. Which is cool. I think. (download)

[via real Horrorshow tunes]



1. The Bubble Boy - May 28, 2009

This is frakkin’ awesome.

Also, can you kindly tell me how you do that little play button streaming thing?


2. Patrick - May 28, 2009

Not sure how it works for Blogspot but for WordPress in HTML mode you write

[audio http://mp3.com/mp3.mp3%5D

with a ] at the end too, don’t know why it’s not showing up

And that produces ih

3. Madge - May 31, 2009

This song will absolutely take. Where can I download?

4. Patrick - June 1, 2009

Added the link ter now. http://gvsbchris.com/toolittle.mp3

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