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Everybody needs to Party Down. Now. May 28, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Televisual.

Party Down

Yeah, so, I’ve sort of completely given up on waiting for Irish/UK television channels to pick up the best new American shows, and have taken my search online. One of best recent finds was the Starz (I hadn’t heard of it either) channel’s comedy series Party Down. It’s very off-beat and will appeal to anyone into ‘Arrested Development’ or at a push “The Office”.

The show revolves around an LA-based catering company (appropriately titled ‘Party Down’, hence the name of the programme) and its six misfit employees, the majority of which are seeking a career in Hollywood. Each episode revolves around the team catering a single party, from a porn awards show after party to a sweet sixteen birthday party. Inevitably someone gets high and everything that could go wrong does.

5 reasons you need to see this right now:

  1. It was created by Rob Thomas. As in, Veronica Mars Rob Thomas. And Paul Rudd. As in, Paul Rudd.
  2. It stars Jane Lynch, who seems to be in absolutely everything nowadays
  3. It also stars Lizzy Caplan, probably best known for her role as Janis Ian in Mean Girls
  4. If you liked Veronica Mars (and odds are you DID), then look out for an endless slew of guest stars from the series. Ryan Hansen, who played Dick Casablancas, is also a regular cast member
  5. It’s hilarious

Season one just wrapped in America and it probably won’t see the light of day on these isles for at least two years. The only negatives about the show really are that it’s only half an hour long and currently has only aired ten episodes. But it has been renewed for a second season. Good times. Check out the season one trailer below. ↓↓

[Image: UGO.com]


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