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Covering Girls Aloud June 15, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.

Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud seem to have become a prime target for cover versions. Who hasn’t heard Arctic Monkeys’ take on “Love Machine”?

They’re even at it themselves, with versions of “Teenage Dirtbag” and “Rehab” in their catalogue.

Two of the more interesting covers that I’ve stumbled upon are by Bloc Party and Florence & The Machine.

Bloc Party took a crack at “Call the Shots” for BBC Radio 1 and the results are interesting. A good effort, but Kele’s vocals on this one are a bit lacking. Still though. Have a listen. (download)

Florence & The Machine covered “Can’t Speak French” on the other hand, producing a nice acoustic version with a few finger clicks added in for good measure. I’m disappointed however, that she omits the word ‘funky’ from the chorus. (download)


1. Madge - June 16, 2009

appalling vocals from bloc party. appalling

2. Samuel - June 25, 2009

That Florence & The Machine version is well lovely.

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