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What’s with today today? July 6, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Cinematics, Muzak.

Empire Records

“Empire Records”, a cult classic from way back in 1995 still ranks among my favourite films of all time. Perhaps it’s just because I watch longingly at this group of people who ‘work’ in a record shop but realistically just hang around the place all day getting caught up in ridiculous situations and/or try to slit their wrists with a Lady Bic razor (maybe the last bit wasn’t the source of my jealousy…)

Being a film set in a record shop it’s almost inevitable that the film’s soundtrack has at least a few memorable moments, with some that didn’t even make it on to the official soundtrack release.

First and foremost is a nice little soft rock track from 90s Irish sensations The Cranberries, “How”. Makes a nice break from hearing “Dreams”, “Linger” and “Zombie” all the time. Probably my favourite song from the film, and I’m not even that big a Cranberries fan. It’s much better than The Cranberries song which did actually make it onto the soundtrack, “Liar”. Ah well.

The Cranberries – How

Criminally, “Plowed” by Sponge is another track that was left off the film’s official soundtrack despite being one of the most memorable tracks in it. Sponge, often written off as Nirvana imitators, did actually have a few minor hits during the 90s and this was one of them. Overshadowed by Nirvana and left off the soundtrack. They deserve their moment. So here it is.

Sponge – Plowed

Then there was a song called “Sugar High”, fairly standard light rock fare by Coyote Shivers featuring Renée Zellwegger, who looks like she’s having a minor epileptic fit as she sings it. Nevertheless, it was sung at the end of the film on the roof of the store. It has to be good right? It’s definitely passable. Probably not how she got her role in “Chicago”.

Coyote Shivers feat. Renée Zellwegger – Sugar High

And what a better way to round off with Rex Manning’s “Say No More Mon Amour”. There are no words.


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