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A Choired Taste July 6, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Muzak.

“Bon Iver” frontman Justin Vernon is joining forces with fellow Wisconsonites “Collections of Colonies of Bees” under the title “Volcano Choir” for an album that will be released in September entitled Unmap.

While there’s no actual tracks to sample by “Volcano Choir” at the moment, the tracklist (below) and cover (top of post – doesn’t it kind of look like one of the creatures from “The Village”?) has been released. It’s not quite the new “Bon Iver” album I was hoping for, but that’s apparently in the works too.

01 Husks and Shells
02 Seeplymouth
03 Island, IS
04 Dote
05 And Gather
06 Mbira in the Morass
07 Cool Knowledge
08 Still
09 Youlogy

Interestingly, the album may have quite a different sound to what we’re used to from Vernon. He says, “I sing on it, but there aren’t a lot of lyrics– it’s definitely more on the experimental side of things.”

In place of a bit of Volcano Choir music which unfortunately is not available at the mo, I give you Bon Iver’s lovely live performance of Skinny Love from Glastonbury 2009.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Live at Glastonbury 2009)

Volcano Choir’s debut LP, Unmap, is out September 22 (Sept. 21 in the UK)

[via Jagjaguwar]
[Image: TheTripWire]



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