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Stay in your seat… July 6, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Cinematics.

Samuel L. Jackson in a stinger from "Iron Man"

Having worked in a cinema for a year and a half, I always cursed the people who would sit there in the theatre for the entire closing credits. Either they were waiting to see if there would be some interesting little bonus scene at the end, or they were just doing it to annoy me as I gave them the death stare for making me wait for them to leave.

Whatever the reason, even sometimes I have been known to linger during the credits of a film, either to hear a good song or to wait for an extra scene (like the one pictured above, where Samuel L. Jackson makes a pivotal cameo as Nick Fury after the credits of “Iron Man”). I always thought, “wouldn’t it be great if someone could actually tell me whether it’s worth my while staying until after the credits?” And lo and behold, there is a website for that.

This is where MovieStinger.com comes in (‘stingers’ being the name of those post-credits scenes. Bet ya didn’t know that?). The site aims to be a comprehensive guide for those occasions when you should stand your grand and annoy the crap out of the ushers.

This week, for example, don’t waste your time hanging around after “Public Enemies”. Good to know.

See Videoeta for list of their top 10 all-time movie stingers.

Visit MovieStinger.com.


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